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Professional Services
Please note that these services are not offered individually. See our Visits page for more information, including a cancellation fee with less than 24 hours notice.

A certain point or series of points are stimulated by the insertion of very fine needles on the meridian to prevent or modify the perception of pain while normalizing the physiological functions for the treatment of disharmonies of the body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Electrical currents pulsate between two acupuncture needles, providing stimulation through the entire muscle and along the nerve. This technique is used for neurological disorders, paralysis, atrophied muscles, muscle spams, and pain management.

Cupping uses reverse suction to pull old blood, lymph, and toxins that are stuck in the muscle up through the fascia layers towards the skin. This technique loosens muscles, releases pain, and sedates the nervous system while encouraging the free flow of new blood, lymph, and nutrients throughout the cupped area.

Medical Massage
Medium to deep pressure is used to increase blood and lymph flow to strip the muscle memory of shock and trauma and retrain the somatic memory of the soft tissue.

​Energy Work
The human body is made up of energy, starting from our soul, the spirit, auric field, chakras, meridians, and the hara line. As we evolve and reincarnate ourselves, the energy that make us up shifts. Energy work consists of past life regressions, auric field healings, chakra balancing, hara line straightening, and piecing together lost parts of the soul and spirit from traumatic lifetimes or events. Energy Work is done with your higher self combined with a Divine Source Energy such as Archangels. It is a non-denominational healing; whoever your higher source is, that is who I connect with.

Spiritual Counseling
Negative beliefs, emotions, and patterns can create mental and/or physical blocks. Working together energetically, we let go of the negative belief systems, emotions, and patterns and replace them with positive ones. This results in the freedom to respond positively instead of being held in old patterns of the past.
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